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At Alfa Romeo of Glendale we take great pride in providing a world-class shopping experience that puts you, the customer, first. But what does this level of service look like? We invite you to see what our customers have to say here.

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Dan did a great job! This was our third attempt to lease a 500e within a week. The salesmen in the first dealership just left, the second dealership wasted our time, but here Dan was very straightforward, honest (I've never said that about a car dealership), and just did his job competently.<br><br>He noticed and fixed a problem with car we had chosen which included getting the e-sport package free. That would have saved us a lot of headache with service had we been sold that card. He gave us ex... More
Cedrick Z.
Just bought our new Alfa Romeo Giulia today.  Couldn't be happier with the car, service and experience at this dealership.  Dimaya was professional, and was able to get us a good deal.
Paulo J.
We had a great experience buying a new Fiat all thanks to Dan the man! He was very helpful and listened to our every wants & needs. Great dealership!
Min M.
We had such a wonderful experience buying our new Fiat<br>and we owe it all to Dan! He was so helpful and listened to our every want & need. Didn't play games - right to the point. Great dealership !
Marcie M.
Thank you Dimaya for your kindness and patience. It was a great experience! My husband and I love the new Fiat 500e. Go see Dimaya if you're considering a Fiat!
Rachel C.
Just leased our second 500E from here after the first lease ended. Such a great car! Was referred to Dimaya by a friend and she was wonderful to work with. We knew exactly what we wanted and she gave us the best deal. She had the car charged up and the paperwork all ready for us. The finance guy Bong was awesome, too. Quick and fun.
Kirstin B.
Go see Mike Johnson at Fiat of Glendale. He is the best car salesman ever! I have leased 3 cars from him and he always works hard to get the deal you want done. I highly recommend the 500e for those who want total's a great and fun car.
Tim G.
Our plan yesterday was to just to gather research on electric cars.  There was no intention of buying but Dimaya Lazcano was such an amazing sales person that we walked away with a brand new Fiat 500e.  She was personable, friendly and provided us time to chat on our own while still keeping us engaged.  She walked us through all the details of first time lease and also first time electric car owner.  She even helped me sync up my iPhone and was there until the very end, when I drove off the lot... More
Erin R.
I have to say reading some of the one star reviews I was SHOCKED!!! They could not have been further from the experience I had at Fiat of Glendale.  I had practically run out of Fiat of Los Angeles (in downtown) because of how high the price quote to lease a Fiat 500x was, going down only $20 when I told them how crazy that price was for me.  My boyfriend and I walked into Fiat of Glendale and within a minute Mike Johnson, who will go down in history as being the sweetest, chillest car salesman... More
Amanda K.
Wanted to thank DAN the manager at Fiat of Glendale, what a great experience we had.  I came in with my GF, we didn't even negotiate he gave us the best deals up front, everything was done properly and quickly.  Wanted to thank you, for another great experience at this dealership.  Highly recommend to see DAN at Fiat of Glendale.
Arnak D.