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Chris M., Brooklyn, NY 02 Apr 2018
Got a fantastic deal on a 2018 Fiat Spider lease. David was a terrific salesperson -- helpful, responsive, informative. Sadly, the Sales Manager Dan misrepresented a number of points that resulted in a range of additional costs. I was told my remaining two lease payments would be made (they weren't)... -- the entire lease return process was improperly explained (resulting in bank charges I would've been able to avoid) -- and the lease term was changed at the final moment without any consultation whatsoever. Further, the GSM Rick not only refused to apologize for or correct the situation, he thought the best response was to lie, condescend and insult the customer. In fact, I look forward to whatever patronizing response he'll leave to this review. Additionally, less than two months off the sales floor, I've already had to take the vehicle in for service for two separate issues. Thankfully, the service rep Paul was incredibly helpful and communicative. Good service at the ground level, but embarrassing and infuriating at the management level. They've certainly managed to live up to the worst of the car salesman pun.UPDATE: Editing the original two-star score because of the fantastic service from Evan, the dealership manager. He reached out and made things right. Much appreciated. Show more
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Dannielle L., Burbank, CA 09 Jun 2017
My husband and I visited FIAT on a Saturday afternoon. My husband has been considering a new car since our kids are both in school now, and having two cars would be a huge help.Almost as soon as we walked through the door, a salesman (Chris) assisted us. Within minutes, my husband was out on a test with the salesman. We discussed price and other details as you usually would when considering making a purchase. Things were going pretty smoothly, I thought.Chris was very kind and patient with us. He didn't come off as intimidating. Going off of past experiences, salesmen can be quite the bullies when it comes to purchasing a new car. It always seems like they're trying to pressure you into walking out "today" with the new car. Chris didn't do that to us. He was a normal guy just doing a job. I didn't feel like we had to get out of there because of any discomfort. I think the worst part about making a purchase is the time it takes to do it. We did have to drive down to the Dodge dealership to sign the papers. It is quite the wait there. We got to FIAT in the afternoon and did not leave Dodge until after dark. However, I do want to point out that once we began signing papers it took us less than 10 minutes to finish, which was nice. Aside from that, Chris had our car brought over for us, and even had it washed before we took it home. They told us that we could come by and charge any time we like. We have taken advantage of this offer only once so far.We did this the following day actually because we were visiting the area again anyways. Upon arriving, we noticed other vehicles parked in the charge station spots. My husband went in and asked if we could use the space for a short period of time. It did seem initially as though one of the salesmen were annoyed with us. It wasn't what we had expected basically. We definitely did not feel welcomed at first. After my husband had parked though the salesman who had moved the vehicles for us had expressed that his day was stressful. Mind you, this is Memorial Day weekend, and so we took it as it was and accepted this as a valid reason for the negative vibes. Chances are if we ever go back to that area with my husband's car, then we'll likely stop by for a charge. This one experience won't discourage us from trying again. Show more
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