Driving Tips for National Lightning Safety Awareness Week 2019

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Is it safe to drive during a lightning storm? 

Storm season is upon us and National Lightning Safety Awareness Week 2019 will be taking place soon. In light of both of those things, we would like to share with you some driving tips for if you get caught in a lightning storm. Hopefully, these tips will help you stay safe. Keep reading below for our driving tips for National Lightning Safety Awareness Week 2019. 

Should you be driving during a lightning storm? 

If you can avoid driving during a lightning storm, then please do. The best place to wait out a storm is within a building, avoiding conductive materials that might shock you if your home gets struck with lightning. If you are caught out in a storm while driving, then drive to the nearest shelter. However, stay inside your vehicle if no other shelter is available because some coverage is better than none. If you have a vehicle with a soft top or no top at all, then find the lowest area of ground possible and hide out there.  

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When is it safe to drive during a storm? 

If you can hear thunder, then you should avoid driving. While lightning can be heard from far away, it might be closer than you think. Plus, a storm can come upon you fast.  

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What vehicles are safest during a lightning storm? 

The most important aspect of a vehicle is the top of it. It needs to have a hard top, not a canvas top or an open top. Make sure your vehicle is entirely enclosed, including windows, so that if lightning strikes it can flow through your vehicle and into the ground. The lower to the ground you are, the better, so lifted trucks may be at a disadvantage during a storm.  

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