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What Kind of Engine Does the 2019 Alfa Romeo Stelvio Have?

The 2019 Alfa Romeo Stelvio is not like other SUVs. Thanks to its incredible performance and stylish Italian design, the 2019 Stelvio is more racer than SUV. But what kind of engine does the SUV with a racer’s soul have? 

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The 2019 Alfa Romeo Stelvio is an SUV that thinks it’s a race car. With its incredible performance, the 2019 Stelvio distinguishes itself in the ultra-competitive and crowded luxury midsize SUV segment. But where does all that performance come from? What kind of engine does the 2019 Alfa Romeo Stelvio have? 

Peek underneath the hood of the 2019 Alfa Romeo Stelvio and you won’t be disappointed! The 2019 Stelvio comes standard with a robust and thunderous all-aluminum 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine. This muscular engine can truly pack a punch, delivering best-in-class 280 horsepower along with an incredible 306 lb-ft of torque! 

But thanks to the finely-tuned engineering of the engine, the 2019 Alfa Romeo Stelvio is also efficient! Even with all that raw power and performance, the 2019 Stelvio can still get up to an EPA-estimated highway fuel economy of 29 mpg! With the 2019 Alfa Romeo Stelvio, you don’t have to choose between top-of-the-line performance and fuel efficiency! 

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The Balanced Power of the 2019 Alfa Romeo Stelvio 

We’ve said that the 2019 Alfa Romeo Stelvio is closer to a race car than a regular SUV, but there’s more to a race car than just a powerful engine. Racers are all about balance and weight distribution that allows them to tackle any corner at high speeds. 

Like a racer, the 2019 Alfa Romeo Stelvio has nearly perfect 50/50 weight distribution across its front and rear axles. What this means is that the 2019 Stelvio is easier and more fun to drive with its perfect balance while also giving it better traction! 

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