Alfa Romeo vs. BMW

If BMW is the "Ultimate Driving Machine," then Alfa Romeo is the "Ultimate Driving, Relaxing and Connecting Machine." These two rivals often find themselves in all-out, heavy and intense competition with each other, which has forced each to innovate and evolve at exponential levels to keep pace in the luxury market. It might be a stressful proposition for those who work for the respective brands, but to us as consumers, it means that each model year is much better than the last, and everyone wins. You've got a choice to make, however, and we want to help you; check out our Alfa Romeo vs. BMW comparisons today!
Blue Alfa Romeo Giulia and BMW 3-Series models in comparison image
2018 Alfa Romeo Giulia driving on road

Alfa Romeo Models

The American Alfa Romeo model family might only consist of three members, but make no mistake when we tell you that they're able to stand tall against any competition. The 4C Coupe, Giulia sedan and Stelvio SUV each bring turbocharged power to the table, complete with fuel economy topping over 30 miles per gallon on the highway and serious accolades presented by the automotive market at-large. All three have received high NHTSA safety rating, and the Giulia was even named 2018 Car of the Year by Motor Trend!
Pewter BMW 3-Series wagon parked in front of mountainous formation

Comparable BMW Models

Of course, the BMW line can also hold its own with the vehicles that it offers. Roadsters like the M2, sedans such as the 3-Series and SUVs including the X-Series all form fitting competition to Alfa Romeo, with models like the 330i able to achieve upwards of 43 highway miles per gallon and the X1 able to provide 57.8 cubic feet of cargo volume, greater than that of the Stelvio. Altogether, this makes BMW a worthy opponent to Alfa Romeo in just about every regard.
Instrument cluster of 2018 Alfa Romeo 4C Coupe

Performance and Tech Innovation

Overall, what truly matters in today's vehicles is your control over the road and over your life. For this, the choice is clear – Alfa Romeo models all have available 2.9-liter all-aluminum turbocharged engines, capable of producing 505 horsepower, which is much greater than any BMW competition can match. Plus, with Q4 All-Wheel Drive, DNA Drive Mode Select, ample driver assistance features and more all standard, nothing brings you closer to bliss than an Alfa Romeo model. Drive one with us today!
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