Oil Change service in Glendale, CA

You have all heard that oil changes are highly recommended as a regular vehicle maintenance to improve vehicle performance, but do you know why? Knowing why oil changes are necessary may sway you to keep on top of your vehicle maintenance schedule. Several factors make oil changes important. By changing the oil in your vehicle’s engine, you improve engine lubrication, cool down the engine components, and remove particles or sludge from the engine. By doing those things, you are lowering engine corrosion, which may lead to an early engine death. So, while you might not enjoy paying for frequent oil changes, remind yourself that they are cheaper than buying a new engine.

There are other benefits to getting regular oil changes. You also improve your vehicle’s gas mileage, which in turn promotes a long life for your vehicle. Now that you know why you should get oil changes so often, check your vehicle to see if it needs an oil change and schedule an appointment here at Glendale Alfa Romeo. Keep reading below for more information about our services.

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Where can I find Alfa Romeo parts in Glendale, CA?

You can order Alfa Romeo parts right here at Glendale Alfa Romeo. You can even use our online form to order parts. Just find the Order Parts page under the Services drop-down menu at the top of our site. Our professionals can install them for you, or you can take them home for some at-home maintenance.

Where can I get my Alfa Romeo vehicle’s oil changed in Glendale, CA?

Our professional service team knows Alfa Romeo vehicles like the back of their own hands. We recommend scheduling an appointment at Glendale Alfa Romeo for any Alfa Romeo maintenance, including oil changes. They can also help you with other regular maintenance such as wiper or headlight replacement, tire rotations, brake inspections, and more.

To schedule a service appointment at Glendale Alfa Romeo, please contact our service team or schedule an appointment online. To contact our service team, call them at (818) 242-4161 during business hours or stop in to see them in person. To schedule an appointment online, fill out the form on the Schedule Appointment page under the Services drop-down menu, which can also be found by clicking on the button above. We hope to see you soon and get your vehicle running as good as new.