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Tire Service in Glendale, CA 

It is important to not neglect your vehicle’s tires. They are what carry your vehicle thousands of miles a year and they need to be properly inflated and taken care of if you want to get the most out of those miles. What we mean by that is that a properly inflated tire with good tread will get more traction on the roads, which in turn can translate into a more efficient fuel economy and less risk of a vehicle accident.  

So, what service should you get done on your vehicle’s tires and when should you get it done? There are a few main services that we can cover here at Glendale Alfa Romeo. Our service team can replace old tires, rotate tires, balance tires, and inflate them. You should always keep your vehicle’s tires properly inflated. Make sure you know the proper inflation for your tires and check them regularly. The other services aim to keep proper tread on your tires. Learn how deep the tread on your tires should be and check them regularly to ensure that your vehicle will have enough traction. Replace old tires and get regular tire rotations here at Glendale Alfa Romeo. Read on below for more information on our services. 

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Genuine Alfa Romeo parts in Glendale, CA 

If you want to do some at-home maintenance instead, then feel free to order Alfa Romeo vehicle parts here at Glendale Alfa Romeo. Use our online form located on the Order Parts page under the Service drop-down menu to order what you need. Come into our dealership to pick up your parts and take them home for your own projects. 

Alfa Romeo services in Glendale, CA 

Don’t hesitate to come into Glendale Alfa Romeo for any of your service needs. Contact our service team for any inquiries or to schedule a service appointment.  

You have three options for scheduling your next service appointment here at Glendale Alfa Romeo. You can call our service team at (818) 242 4161 during business hours. If you prefer to stop by in person, you can schedule an appointment during business hours at our dealership, located at 600 S Brand Blvd in Glendale, CA. Your last option is to use our online form, which you can reach by clicking on the red calendar button above or by clicking on Schedule Appointment on the Service drop-down menu.