How can I find out what items are covered under my Alfa Romeo warranty?

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Alfa Romeo Warranty information
How can you find out what items are covered under your Alfa Romeo warranty? By coming to our team, you can get any and all questions answered regarding your new vehicle warranty. Below, we will answer four common questions about Alfa Romeo vehicle warranties to get you started. Please give us a call at (818) 500-1750 for other inquiries.

Is this covered under my Alfa Romeo vehicle warranty?
If you have a question about a specific issue being covered under warranty, then please give the number above a call and we will do our best to provide you with an answer. In general, the Alfa Romeo New Car Warranty is comprehensive and will cover anything that is attributable to a defect in the manufacturing process of the vehicle. To know for sure, you should bring your vehicle in for an inspection. Our service technicians will assess the issue quickly and let you know.

Does my Alfa Romeo vehicle come with Roadside Assistance?
The first three years of the manufacturer’s warranty will provide Roadside Assistance.

If I use non-genuine Alfa Romeo vehicle parts, will this impact my warranty?
We highly recommend using Alfa Romeo vehicle parts on your Alfa Romeo vehicle. Not only are they designed to fit your vehicle perfectly, but they come with their own warranty for repairs. The Alfa Romeo New Vehicle Warranty will not cover issues that stem from the installation of a non-genuine Alfa Romeo part.

Where can I get my Alfa Romeo vehicle repaired near Glendale, CA?
Come into Glendale Alfa Romeo for your vehicle repairs. Alfa Romeo dealerships are the technical experts on Alfa Romeo vehicles as well as on warranty issues. Schedule an appointment today.

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