Create your own video with Alfa Romeo Film Studio

August 10th, 2019 by

What is Alfa Romeo Film Studio?
What is Alfa Romeo Film Studio you ask? It’s an online application that allows you to create your very own Alfa Romeo film, complete with your choice of vehicle. The best way to see what it is all about is to head over to yourself and give it a try, but failing that, we will give you a play by play below.

Alfa Romeo Film Studio review
The Alfa Romeo Film Studio is broken down into four main steps:

Cast Your Star: In this step you are choosing between the two most common Alfa Romeo passenger vehicles, the Alfa Romeo Stelvio and the Alfa Romeo Giulia. We love both, but today we are going to go with the Stelvio.alfa romeo stelvio and giulia

Choose Its Persona: In this step you are choosing which trim level you want to feature in your film. You can learn more about the Alfa Romeo Stelvio trim levels here. We decided to go with the Alfa Romeo Stelvio Quadrifoglio AWD this time for its incredible horsepower rating.alfa romeo stelvio trim levels

Pick its Outfit: This is our favorite step. Here you get to handle all of the details, from the exterior color (we opted for Misano Blue Metallic Exterior Paint) to the brake callipers (Gloss Yellow caught our eye). Plus, you have your choice of wheels. Once you have your ride suited up, click on Make Your Move to continue.alfa romeo stelvio color options

Make Movie Magic: This is where it all comes together. Here, you choose five video clips that will be magically strung together. Finally, choose your favorite soundtrack to make it official.alfa romeo video options

Alfa Romeo Film Studio final production
After you have created your masterpiece, they will ask you for some general information for the closing credits or you can skip that part and head straight to your video. Feel free to share your video on social media for bragging purposes.